Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bloom where you are planted

This thought came to mind when I saw this beautiful white clematis peeking out behind the gorgeous red rose. The clematis was planted in front of the rose, this past year, and as vines will do, wrapped itself around the older rose for support during it's upward climb. The rose has been there for 5 years and has a strong root system. These are both such individual species of plants and together they symbolize such an incredible picture of relationships - the duality of our connectedness and our individuality. The clematis could have grown on it's own, but it wouldn't have been able to make very significant vertical growth without the strength and advantage of the rose's sturdy cane. It could have been scared of a thorn cutting into it's weak, green, stems. Instead, this flimsy new plant chose to lean on and complement the older rose, making it a friend and calling their common soil home. And so it goes with me... Fear and insecurity can keep me from blossoming where I am, especially when I see older, more beautiful and confident types of people around me. Rather than blooming where God has me, I can hide and whither, wishing I'd been planted somewhere else. I hear God calling me out of hiding and fear, so that He, the Son, will get the glory when His planted one blooms. And like the clematis in my garden, my weaknesses will be made stronger because of where I am planted and who I am planted by.

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