Monday, June 29, 2009

Vacation Bible School

We just finished up with Vacation Bible School - aka VBS. I'm just wondering who thought up the idea of this as being a vacation deal... probably some daddy. Cuz seriously! Last week was fun, but it was CERTAINLY NOT a vacation! I feel a digression coming on, so I better just stick to the facts. And those facts are...

  • all 3 girls learned Bible verses - I am praying that as they hide God's word in their hearts at such young ages, it will stay with them a long time.
  • they met new friends!
  • Marky brought a friend from school 3 days out of the week
  • they got to sing , sing, sing and sing some more - it thrilled me to watch them worship the Lord with their music.
  • they all said that they wished VBS could go on all summer. (if it did, their mama would be institutionalized and their daddy would have to take them to it, so it's a pretty good thing that it was only for one week)
  • someone other than me did crafts and games with them - GLORY!!
  • each day that I picked them up, they were happy and excited about all that they learned and did for that day of VBS.
I am really thankful for the time that my girls had in VBS. Our church did an outstanding job of providing a really great program for our kids.

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