Sunday, May 17, 2009

Girls night out

We were blessed to get to see Aunt Clara this weekend. Meredith and I went on a date to see Clara perform her music at a local cafe called "Everyday Joes". She was exceptional as always. To say that Meredith worships the ground that Clara walks on would not be over - exaggerating. Meredith could be heard (hopefully only by me!) singing along with Clara to her favorite tunes. She kept asking Clara to hold her and kept hugging her. From the minute that Meredith woke up on Saturday until the time that we saw Clara, Meredith was completely preoccupied with her. "Mommy, I wonder what Aunt Clara is going to wear tonight?" These were her VERY FIRST words upon waking Saturday morning. Because of course it's all about the outfit- I believe that precious Meredith might follow in Aunt Clara's footsteps as far as that is concerned. It's never just the clothes - its an outfit. Head to toe. Of course, I don't have much room to talk here now do I? We both enjoyed Clara's concert a lot. After the concert, Meredith and I went and got a bite to eat because we were pretty hungry. She called Daddy and Michael at home to tell them all about it. She fell asleep on the drive home, completely content having just spent the night "snuggled" up to her favorite star. Lucky for us, Clara needed a ride back to the airport this afternoon. Because Marky, Maddie and Michael weren't able to go to the concert, it was especially wonderful because Clara's grandma dropped her off at our house so that we could take her to DIA. The rest of the kiddos were thrilled for the chance to be with her. Michael jumped right up into her arms. We had a lovely visit on the way down to the airport and loved "seeing her off". On the way home from the airport Michael sighed and said, "Why does Aunt Clara have to go away?" I think he's smitten!!

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