Sunday, May 17, 2009

Great Quote

This quote came from Womans Day magazine. I liked it a lot -

"Ask not what you can do for your body (Botox, dieting, wrinkle cream, ), rather ask what your body can do for you (give birth, fight disease, run hurdles, endure physical suffering, recover from surgery, score points, dance, sing, create )."

I am blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing females on the planet (my daughters, my mom, my sisters, my nieces, my mom-in-law, my girl-friends). I admire each one of these woman for so many reasons. They are brave fighters, gentle companions, faithful warriors, graceful mentors. These girls make me laugh, love, crazy, think, cry, forget, persevere, shut my mouth, open my heart,
amazed - I wouldn't want to live a single day without any of them. They all are a beautiful piece of my life. My hope is that at some point in our lives, preferably sooner than later, we would embrace the outstanding, miracle creations that we are and throw out all of that other yucky stuff.

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