Monday, May 18, 2009

Pay dirt

Last Monday, Patrick and I began a yard project that we've almost got completely finished. Really, it is my project... Patrick was just kind enough to come along for the ride. I have been planning this project, which is a new flower garden, out in my head for about 9 months. I knew that in order to begin my project I was going to need a TON of dirt; dirt isn't cheap and so I thought that I was going to have to put my project off a few more months. A gardening friend of mine suggested that a good place to try to find some *free* dirt would be on Craig's list. I didn't think that we would have any success with this route, but I was WRONG!! And boy am I glad that I was!!! We found some *FREE* dirt on Craig's list and there was SO MUCH of it!!! We had to go get it, but that was alright, We didn't mind. In fact, our babysitter Vicki showed up right before we were leaving and offered to keep the 2 little ones at home and feed them dinner. Patrick and I were actually sort of on a date. A dirt date. That first night, we got 2 loads, and then the next night we took all of the kiddos and picked up a third. Over the weekend, Patrick went and got a fourth load. It was great dirt too!!! I never thought that I would be so excited about dirt!!! So, over the weekend, we pulled out rocks, ripped up sod, shoveled dirt, and planted seeds and plants. I'm so excited about how it looks. It was also just a great project for Patrick and I to do together. He also worked on his vegetable garden this weekend. It is beautiful. I am so happy with our yard right now. I just need to sit still long enough to enjoy it. I'm working on that...

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