Sunday, April 26, 2009


We went to 2 churches on Sunday - our church and the Lutheran church where Meredith goes to preschool. She had a singing engagement there today with the rest of the preschool kids. She was so happy and excited that Marky and Maddie were going to be able to watch her sing. The last time, they weren't able to. This was a special thing today. After church, we had a very nice long afternoon just being together as a family. It seems like we don't have tons of times like this and I just wanted to squeeze every bit of joy out of it. The girls played the Wii and then cars with Michael; we watched some home videos of a few of our vacations. That was wonderful!!! We decided to take a walk to the park and ended up cutting it short because it was getting very cold. Maddie was prompted by the home movies to get a haircut; she was so excited to get it done. She thought it was pretty handy to just walk downstairs and sit right down in the chair. She hung her sweater and her hat on the hooks that I have in the salon and announced "I can hang those there because tonight I'm a client!" So, she got a new hairdo - her spirits have been soaring ever since! The day was a beautiful one!!

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