Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My India

Recently I've heard of many different people going on missions trip to different places.... Africa, India, Mexico.  I'm so proud of my friends and even of the people whom I don't know who obey God's call and go where He wants them too.  I am happy to hear about the changes that they undergo and the ways that their hearts are transformed by the time spent.  But, I have to be honest- I've also been somewhat envious.  I haven't been called to Africa or to India.  And if the call came in, I would probably have to clean up some cat barf before I was able to answer it, and then the machine would have picked up and I would have lost the call.  (Actually, I was talking to a friend on Saturday who is going to Kenya this summer and I confessed how homesick I would be if I was to go that far from home.)  And then today happened... 3 miles from my house... at Safeway... in my "neck of the woods".  A young girl about 20 years old, unshowered and hungry, sitting on  the curb with a sign asking for a miracle. For a split second I was going to drive by, and then I realized that my "India" was staring me in the face... and so we stopped.  And tonight prayed for a girl that needs so much more than I could ever given her.  And I believe that my heart is being transformed.  Praise you, Jesus, for opening my eyes to see You and my heart to hear that you could change me right here at home, Lord.  You know me so well and you met me right where You knew that I would see You today. You know how homesick I get.  You know that India is too far away for me right now.  Thank you for bringing it to me.  I pray that Your work will not be wasted on me.  

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