Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yesterday, #3 daughter came home from school, threw her hands in the air and let out an exasperated yell.  This was followed by a torrent of tears.

Caught off guard by her noise and drama (well maybe not the drama) I went to her and said "What in the world is the matter??"

She replied, "I did NOT KNOW that 3rd grade was going to be so HARD!  We have to get GRADES!!!  What if I get BAD GRADES??  I want to go back to 2nd grade where it
wasn't so hard."

After a hug and an explanation that the smiley faces and  ++ that she received on her papers in 2nd grade translated into a third grade A, she calmed down and surrendered to staying a 3rd grader.

In my spirit, I felt the nudge of God...

I think that perhaps I have thrown the same fit as Meredith, more than once and louder.

"I didn't know this was going to be this HARD!"

Clearing His Holy throat, the Lord then directs my mind to James 1:2

and I feel His hug and continue reading His explanations further along in James that trials help me mature, and strengthen my faith and teach me how to persevere...all of which help me be complete. Mercy, Lord!!! I want all of that...

I guess I'll stick with hard.

It is a candid experience being a mom and child of God all at the same time.

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