Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 3

Day 3 has come and gone now.
Everyone is having a wonderful time at school.

We have worn new outfits.
We have bought MORE supplies.
We have labeled and decorated 
and we have already done
some homework.  
We have ridden our bikes to school and 
we have come home hungry and tired and happy.
Most of all we have had FUN!!!!!

Marky is an 8th grader this year. She is beautiful
inside and out. 

 Maddie is starting middle school.  She is so happy to be going to school at the same as her big sister!  I'm so happy for her. She is so beautiful and creative and her individuality 
is what makes her eyes sparkle. 

 Meredith has grown so much over the summer, both in size
and character.
 Michael has grown even more!!! He is gaining confidence
and has SUCH a personality.
 Sometimes Michael forgets that Daddy is not a jungle-gym.

 This picture above  is so perfect.  Michael RUNNING across the street... he runs EVERYWHERE!
I did not know that boys did this. Maybe its not all boys and is just mine, but boy oh boy...
His favorite animal is a cheetah. He just checked out about 10 books about a cheetah.  Maybe there is a connection???
 We are blessed to be at the schools that we are at.  We are so grateful for our teachers and friends.

Meredith pondering all that she is going to learn in the 3rd grade.  
She is SO excited.  She was born for school.  

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