Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tomorrow morning, I am flying away from home to spend the weekend at my sister's house.  There are a few other places that I enjoy as much as my own home and hers is one of them.  Life slows down for me when I am there.  Normally, a visit to her includes my whole family, but this journey is a solo one.  My bags (carry-ons of course) are packed, and I've been stashing magazines that have come in the mail this week saving them for my plane trip.  I picked up a couple of my favorite candies because a  ride on a plane just isn't as fun without a little sweet treat!! Daddy and the kiddies are going on their own adventure, so don't feel too badly for them.  They will barely notice that I am gone.  I am grateful for the days that we will spend apart, knowing that I need a break, and that hugging their sweet necks on Sunday will be a precious end to my weekend away from home.  The truth is, I love home and the only remedy I have found for being home-sick is well... to stay home!  But this mama bird needs to leave the nest for a short time and spread her wings for just a bit. And if you see a sunny smile coming from seat 16c tomorrow, that will be me.  Relaxed, excited and probably missing my little peeps just a smidge. Maybe a little more than a smidge...       

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