Monday, May 3, 2010

Toiling in the soil

Daddy and Michael have been working out in the garden.  They have been raking and tilling and planting.  Tonight they were putting manure down and mixing into the soil.  Michael liked that because it gave him MANY excuses to use the word "poop" - a favorite word of 4 year old boys, I have recently discovered.  If he can work the word "poop" or "poopy" into a sentence, he will.  I used to try to correct him, but I have given up because he really isn't trying to be naughty with his use of the word (unless he is calling a sister "poopy girl"...which HAS happened!).  It just comes naturally... it must be a boy thing because the girls think it's pretty gross!  My boys were having such a great time out in the garden tonight. Bonding over "poop-talk", making plans for what to plant next;  getting legitimately dirty as Meredith and I praised their efforts.  It was beyond beautiful to me to see them together in their multi-purpose boots, taking care of our land and enjoying one another's company. Simply beautiful.    

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