Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thank you for the music...

My Grandpa Hodson gave me music.  It seeped down through my mom and reached me at a young age.  I started singing and playing the piano when I was about 5, and have continued this love of music all throughout my life.   Whenever I was with my Grandpa, he would ask me how the piano was going, if I was practicing my trumpet, what my latest singing adventure was.  He loved performances given by me at church, in a living room, a school program,  wherever he could glow with Grand father pride.  He was my "music grandpa".  When I would play for him, even if there was other noise around competing for his attention, he could focus on my music, never missing a note.  His applause was genuine and generous for this musical grand-daughter.

Grandpa played so many instruments and knew so much about the sounds of music.  Musical talent poured out of him, and there wasn't anything in the theory books that he didn't know.  His ear for the pitch of notes and their blending was enviable.  He could direct musicians to make a beautiful sound together when solo they might have caused you to cover your ears.  I'm so glad to have received the musical legacy that my Grandpa left for me.

My middle name is Rae.  My mom's middle name is Rae.  My Grandpa's name is Ray.  I like being named after him.  It's something that we share that will last forever, tying our lives together like an extra special gift. 

My grandpa died on Thursday.  He was ready to go to Heaven.  I am sure that Grandpa is enjoying music of all sorts in his eternal home. He's probably got the band marching down the heavenly streets of gold, with the trumpets playing strong and loud.

Dear Grandpa - Thank you for the music, for giving it to me. 

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