Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ups and some downs

4 hours in the car, 2 hours in the plane, a train and one more hour in the car, and we are HOME. 
Our vacation was delightful.  Short, but delightful.  We aren't sure what time it is, thank you 2 different time zones AND daylight savings, but we know that we had a good time.  Pictures will follow but I wanted to get in writing the ups and the downs.  There were some of both, as any great vacation knows!!!


  • getting away...together

  • flight was on time and the airport was easy- peasy

  • Aunt Clara and Uncle Adam are super-cool and super-fun

  • sleeping together

  • disney channel

  • our favorite swing

  • North Carolina rain

  • muddy shoes and we don't care

  • Grandpop and Grandma are wonderful

  • river fun

  • sleeping in

  • staying up LATE

  • Mommy got to read a WHOLE book!!!

  • Daddy got sick

  • Can't find Maddie's I-shuffle

  • North Carolina rain

  • flattened air mattress in the middle of the night

  • cold

  • Daddy got sicker

  • leaving Aunt Clara and Uncle Adam

  • saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpop

  • swinging for the "last time"
Clearly the UPS outweighed the DOWNS.  We are back home and we feel so blessed to have  gone on our vacation.  Now for the rest of our Spring Break!!! 

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