Friday, March 12, 2010

Up late

Have you ever noticed how time slows way down after 10pm?
Have you ever noticed how productive you are when everyone (pets, children, hubby) is in bed, asleep?
Have you ever notice how wonderful the quiet sounds when... well, when it's quiet???

I am up LATE - REALLY LATE for me.
I am always in bed by 10:00
but tonight I had things to do that hadn't gotten done today.

(How could that POSSIBLY BE???  I've been UP since 6:00??)

We are leaving on a short vacation tomorrow.
Our destination is North Carolina (where my in-laws live)
by way of Nashville, TN  (where my brother and his wife live).
Our family gets to all be together,
and we are SO EXCITED!

It's Spring Break here,
but it's starting to actually LOOK and FEEL like
where we are going
I can't wait to see the happy yellow faces of the
dafodils in my
mother-in-law's yard. 

Be back next week!!!


  1. I absolutely love that "quiet" you are referring too.

    Enjoy your spring break! I can't wait for spring, I will do a happy dance the day I see tulips popping up in my yard:)

  2. Oh, I'm so excited for you. Please say hello to North Carolina. Will await more news from you upon your return.