Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our week in pictures

It is Sunday morning and it is snowing outside.  My coffee tastes perfect, and my little doggie is snuggling with me on the bed.  There is still talk of  *if* we are going to church and *who* is going.  Meredith has a cough, Michael "doesn't like church", and we've missed the chance at the first service.  I will probably go by myself to the later service.   It's just looking that way. We got our fireplace fixed and so now we have a chance to use it. It's cozy.  I'm  not that excited about the snow, as I was on my way to spring, but I can't deny that it is pretty out, and we are so much better off than many people who are really getting hammered by the weather today.  AND it IS February... and we DO live in Colorado.  A little reality check there.  We have vacations plans to go here in June, and I am looking forward to it so much.  I can almost smell the ocean air and hear the waves a pounding. Ahhhhh.... I guess I can "endure" a little snow for now.

We've had a nice week at the Henricks' home.  Daddy has been home all week, I've had time to do some projects, and the kids have had fun times.  In the beginning of the month we have a couple of "special days" so we celebrated those.  Michael must have olives on each of his special days.  It's his thing.  I don't know why he has a princess plate in front of him.  Usually if that occurs, he STRONGLY says NO.  
Michael and I have been helping out a friend and taking care of her little baby every once in a while.  His name is Matthew.  We adore him.  He is 4 months old and is a very happy baby.  Michael loves helping out with him, and calls him "baby Matthew".  We got to introduce him to all of the girls this week because we took care of him Friday night.  They were thrilled!  Meredith even held baby Matthew and fed him his bottle. 

Meredith and Michael got to have a friends over on Saturday afternoon, and then unexpectedly, Meredith got to play with her friend Celia on Saturday night.  Meredith is a very social 5 year old, so her friend-tank was running on full and she was running on happy.  Daddy surprised Michael at the last minute with a surprise.  they went to the Monster Truck event!  Michael was so excited!  He came back home to report that it was loud and the trucks were BIG.  I was so happy for them that they got to go on a boys outing together. 
Saturday night, I got to take my small group from church to the bowling alley.  It was so much fun being with them in a more social setting than church.  Last week, we decorated t-shirts for us to wear while we were bowling.  They are THE cutest things, this group of 12-14 year olds.  I love being with them and investing in their sweet lives.  Being a teenager can be a rough few years, but these girls are fairing just fine. They are Godly and beautiful and it has been such a joy for me to have gotten to know them. 

Marky and Maddie haven't been with us for the weekend, but I know that they were getting to go see the play "Annie" at the local dinner theater.  I hope that they had a great time seeing that.  They both planned and took what they were going to wear with them when they left for their dad's house on Friday night.  I'm excited to hear all about it when they come back home this afternoon.  This picture below is my favorite picture of my Maddie-girl.  It was taken last year when we were in California,  and it's my screen saver on my computer.  I love looking at it - it brings me a smile every time!  You can find me staring at it and other pictures of them when missing my big girls becomes too much for me.  

Well that's all the news from these parts today.  I can smell the yummy breakfast that Patrick has made, and I had better go get ready for church!

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