Monday, February 15, 2010

Calendar Fun

After Christmas was over and we put away the advent calendar, Michael asked me, "Where did the snowman go?" The "snowman" that he was talking about is the calendar that we use to count down to Christmas.  As you an imagine, it is 24 days worth of pockets that the snowman travels in until it arrives at Christmas day.   This year Michael was completely excited every day to move the snowman closer to Christmas.  This got me thinking about Daddy's trips and how maybe it would make it more fun for the kids (= less annoying for me) to count down to the day that daddy got home from his trip.  So after much ado (trips to HobbyLobby, glue gun, asking other people for their ideas, stiching and painting), I made this countdown calendar.  It has proven to be just as much fun as our Christmas snowman.  The house goes on the number of the day that Daddy will be coming home, and then the airplane travels in the pocket towards the house... it turned out just so very cute and is so much fun for the kids to have a visual for "4 days".  Truthfully, it may be too much fun for Mommy!!!

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