Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nice matters

I have felt pretty yucky today.  Just a cold, but you know how it is.  Nothing feels right, tastes right, achy and bleck.  BUT...

We went to the grocery store to buy dinner for the kids.  Kid Cuisine and Lunchables.  Donuts for dessert.  Top-notch nutrition, I know, but it's all this sick mama could manage. 
On our way out of the store, a lady stopped me and told me that I had a beautiful family.  I told her thank you and said that I agreed with her.  She was so nice to take the time to share with me what she was thinking, and she probably has no idea that she made my day.  My achy, dreary day just got filled with some sunshine.  From a nice stranger.

We watched "Ice Age 3" while we feasted on our unusal dinner.  It was actually perfect.

I hope that in the future  I can be as generous as the nice lady was this afternoon, and make someone else's day brighter.  It sure matters.  

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