Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A proclamation For Patrick

Seven years ago, you found me; you introduced yourself to me as WYSCUTCA;  we talked and then we met.  And in an unconventional way, in spite of my untrusting and wounded heart, you worked your way into my life. In truth, it was really "our" life,  the 3 of us, and the "our" never made you think twice.  Then, one Saturday evening during a spring Mass at St. Joes, I fell in love with YOU,  a man of deep faith, strong convictions, and immovable values.  Someone I could believe and trust with my heart, my soul, and my 2 daughters.   Your deep love and compassion for this broken woman gave me a vision for a life that we would build together;  a life that wouldn't be without challenges but one that would be marked with passion, commitment,  and adventure.  You have given me shelter, leadership and your word.   You have changed me in so many ways.  You have modeled for our children the importance of making memories, exercising stewardship, staying true to yourself and the art of how to make chocolate cake over coals and ice cream formed in a ball shaped creamery. You have taken us to oceans, mountains, plains and deserts.  We have slept in tents and palaces.  Your children mean everything to you and your provision and care for all four of them comes from a heart full of tenderness and mercy.  Thank you for loving each one of us.  You have fully formed us as a family.   Thank you for the faithfulness that you promised to me, to us, even before we said our marriage vows. Your actions have removed any doubts that you are a "forever man".  You have made a strong nest of love for me where there is no longer room for fear. Your constant grace and protective care for me have formed a soft place for me to land when others have battled and bruised me.  Thank you for keeping up your search and for finding me.  I am so glad that I took the risk to love you.  Seven years later, I am so thankful and so very, very blessed.  Ours is a sweet life.  You have my love forever.

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  1. aww, heather...what an amazing, loving tribute to patrick. it's so encouraging to me to see friends' marriages thriving!