Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Michael!!!

Today is Michael's 4th birthday. I am so in love with my little guy. It has been the best thing over the past 4 years to be escorted deep into the world of boys. Cars and trucks, guns and dinosaurs, blue and blue, so much noise and constant movement. Michael has graduated from his loyatly to Lightning McQueen and Mater, and is instead fascinated by all things Transformer and Batman. He loves firetrucks, police cars, ambulances and can spot an 18 wheeler before I can say the word "truck". His love for his dogs and his daddy are matched by his passion for his "once-pink" blankie and his friends Giovanni and Xalen. Over the past year he has developed quite the repertoire of sound effects and is always blowing things up or shooting someone with his vibrating lips. The joy of my life is when he says "Mama - you look pretty". I do believe he means it. We're pretty happy with each other. I love you, baby boy. Happy Birthday!

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