Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As you can see from the pile of toys sitting at the bottom of the stairs, Michael has "graduated" to big-boy toys.  He no longer squeals about everything Lightning McQueen and Mater as we make our way around Target.  He has requested that the "Cars" posters in his room be replaced with Batman or SpiderMan.  It's really hard for me to believe that he is growing out of his toddler-hood, into being a little boy. I love being with him, talking about boy-stuff and playing his boy-games.  In fact, on Sunday evening, he decided that he was so grown up that he grabbed Daddy's razor and "shaved" his upper lip.  The tiny razor cut took 45 minutes to stop gushing.  Hopefully he doesn't try his hand at that again until he really needs it... I just hope that I'm ready for it when the time comes.  I know the time will go by quickly.  I wonder if I'll ever be ready for that day.  Maybe I'll just keep him my little boy forever. 

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