Monday, December 21, 2009

Truly blessed

Starting today, we have 2 weeks off of school. I am excited for all that lies ahead of us in these 2 weeks. Christmas celebrations and Maddie and Michael's birthdays; visiting with family; no homework; sleeping in (well, Marky and Meredith will be... the other 2 were up at 7 this morning - uuugggghhhh...! why????); playdates with friends; putting a Christmas puzzle together; daddy coming (and staying?) home; new toys to play with; Christmas lights and holiday tunes and movies. Already, over the weekend, we have spent great time together, playing and shopping and enjoying life at home. Looking ahead, I know that the break will go by quickly, but even so it's going to be very enjoyable. I love being home with the kids. I have my moments of overload, but more often than not, my favorite place to be is home with them. I look into the faces of my children and I listen to the noises around the house, and I am faced with the undeniable truth that blessings are overflowing here. I am truly blessed. Not because of anything that we have done - it is God's favor and grace to us. Here's to the next 2 weeks!

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