Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Baking

On any normal day, you will not find me in the kitchen baking. It isn't something that I typically enjoy all that much, but at Christmas time I figure, I should put aside my own preferences and let my kids bake. So, yesterday we did the sugar cookie thing. The kids helped roll out the pillsbury dough... prepackaged... WHOOPPEEE!!! And then we called Grandma Oman and got the recipe for home-made frosting, which really is the best but I don't usually take the time to use it. The girls loved the baking part and Michael... well... he loved the mess. He wouldn't be my little guy if he didn't love the mess. We have enjoyed eating our masterpieces and have shared them with others. It was a fun experience and one that I hope that kids will remember - holiday baking. Since we only do it once a year, it should be memorable, right??!

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