Monday, September 14, 2009

I would have missed out

There was a song that was popular when I was a teenager by the group "Chicago". The title was something like "If she would have been faithful". This group was the soundtrack to love and relationships during my teenage years and this particular song became the title track to a mixed tape that was given to me by some boyfriend. The lyrics made their way into my heart and head, and anyways, now, 20- some years later I woke up this morning singing them. Pushing aside the song's original meaning, I was thinking that I could re-write the song with the title "If the ladder would have been stable". Because IF it had been... then I wouldn't have fallen, and I wouldn't have broken anything, and YET... I wold have certainly missed out on so much. As the original ballad by "Chicago" goes on to say, and of course I am paraphrasing - if the bad hadn't happened, the good wouldn't have ever come. I am sure that there are other authors who have penned the same message, but none says it so eloquently or poignantly as the music of my youth. This message has been shouted, sung, cried, said, and demonstrated to me over the past 2 weeks in so many ways. I haven't ever felt more blessed, more cared for, more taken care of. Friends, neighbors, family, church family, have done so much. They have cooked for me, cleaned for me, done laundry for me, cared for my kids, painted my toenails, sent me beautiful cards, rubbed my sore hands, fattened me up with baked goods, taken me on a picnic, driven to my house just to sit and chat with me, swept my kitchen floor, shopped for me, loved me. They have been the hands, arms and feet of Jesus, giving comfort and help where I have needed it most. I would have missed out on all of this had it not been for my broken heel, and I dare say, it has been worth it. Even in my "casted" state, I feel blessed.

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