Saturday, September 5, 2009

Days gone by

Labor Day always seems to signal the end of summer and Memerolia Day usually announces that the summer is ready to begin. This year, we went camping in the mountains on Memorial Day and one of the things that we did one afternoon as we were waiting for the rain to pass by was to make this poster. On it, each of us wrote down the things that we wanted to do as a family over the summer. The activities we all listed ranged from the mundane and common-place to the sublime and out -of-this-world. We have had it hanging in the kitchen and have checked it frequently, making sure that nothing (realistically!) is getting overloooked. We've even used it as an answer to summer boredom - "Hey we haven't done_____ yet! " . Now that Labor Day is passed and the swimming pool has finally closed, it really feels like it's time to take the poster down and look forward - Forward to the school year in full swing, birthdays, holidays, etc. I feel like we had a wonderful summer. We have on-line photo albums and hearts full of memories; empty sunscreen and mosquito spray cans that need to be disposed of; drawers that need cleaned out and stored in the hand-me-down bins. I've washed all of the pool towels for the last time, and the plants in my pots are just about out of life. Fall is around the corner and its another time of year that I just love. Summer is over but there is lots of fun coming up. The kids have been talking about their Halloween costumes for days now!! So far the ideas I've heard of seem cute and creative. Who knows what the next few months have in store for us!

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