Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fishing family

The past couple of weekends, we have gone fishing as a family. We packed up our favorite snacks, grabbed some juicy worms out of the garden and drove to some little lakes around town that Patrick has found. We aren't incredibly successful which makes the few that we do catch a tremendous joy. Watching Michael reel in a fish made me so excited!! His little tongue is sticking out and he's reeling and reeling with all his might - precious. Meredith isn't so much into the fishing, but she sure loves to sing and dance around while everyone else is. "Some" siblings get annoyed by this. I am so very thankful for Daddy for taking us on these special outings. These are memories that I will always treasure. Especially the times that Daddy is fishing with a "Lightning McQueen" or "Barbie" fishing pole. I bet he never thought he would ever see that day.

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