Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just sitting around

I am on the injured list today. yesterday i was working on a really cool painting project at church, and I wasn't being very careful. I over-extended my reach and fell off of a step ladder. I landed on something very hard and fractured a bone in my heel. I am in pain, and I'm so irritated at myself for being such a clutz. big sigh. i am couch bound for a few days, and I have the use of a pair of crutches as I can't put any weight on my heel. The doctor gave me a splint to wear once all of the swelling goes down. The good news is that if I stay off of it for a few days, this type of fracture will usually heal quickly. No cast is required for that reason too. So for the next few days I am going to be just sitting around, not something I'm used to. Maybe I will enjoy it so much it will become my new way of life! Marky told me that if SHE "got" to just sit around all day she would have so much fun - she would read, do her nails, do a spa... maybe I'll try the spa idea tomorrow!!

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