Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vaccinations, VBS and Reality TV

  • Some days, it just helps to sweat it all out. To work out at your maximum capacity and just sweat until you are dripping. I've had that kind of week... and it's only Wednesday. So this morning I went to the gym and just sweat and thought. The TVs weren't working so I didn't even have that distraction. There are just some days when everything comes to a head - you're faced with ugliness inside yourself, sadness around you, and realities that are hard to accept. And you can't fix it in one day. Maybe not even in one week. But that's when you ask for God's grace and your child's grace and your husband's grace and your dog's grace... whomever needs to be asked, you ask. And then you wait for the grace to wash over the sadness and the guilt and the yuck; and you accept it and live in it. In the midst of accepting grace, I am trying to offer up a "Broken Hallelujah" as Mandisa sings on her new CD, "Freedom". My hallelujah's have been broken the past couple of days, but I want to stay near to the Lord so I keep offering them up. By faith, I have to believe He hears me.
  • Meredith got her kindergarten vaccinations on Monday. She was very brave throughout the process, and was treated to a "Littlest Pet Shop" treat afterwards. I enjoyed hearing the other kids praise her for her courage and celebrate her success in the toy aisle at Target. That's what being a part of a family is all about! On Monday evening Meredith came to me and said, "Mommy, THOSE SHOTS... well THEY HURT! (big sighs and drama)"
  • The girls are all enjoying a week of Vacation Bible School. Michael was unable to go because I missed the deadline to sign him up. He's been ok with it though because we've done some other things together. It has sort of been a foreshadowing to what next fall will be like when it's just me and him hanging out together. Frankly, it's been a blast :)
  • Monday night when I was exercising, the TVs at the gym were working so I was able to watch the episode of "Jon &Kate plus 8" where they announce that they are separating. Now, I realize that it is just a TV show, and I don't want to be too captivated by the story, but I can't believe that they are splitting up!! And as for some reality, I'd love to tell Kate that no matter "how boldly you say that you will NEVER spend a holiday without your children", you no longer make all the rules! THAT'S reality! Mmmm... It was funny to hear them says things like "We'll try to keep things as normal as possible," and "Not much will change for the kids". Whatever...

  • For my birthday, I received a total of 8 books, and one that is is on it's way... It was a WINDFALL of GLORIOUSNESS!!!! I think I will go get under my snuggly blankie and go read. So many books - so little time!!!!

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