Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I am celebrating the Dads that are near and dear to me today. I know many good dads. My brother-in-laws are good dads, my friends are good dads; I am blessed to be loved by a wonderful father-in-law, I was raised by an incredible Dad who is my friend and a wisdom in my life, and I am married to a man who is the best dad of all time. Because I already had 2 kids when Patrick and I got married, he jumped into fatherhood right away. I've never seen anyone take to something more naturally. He loved my older girls as if they were his very own, and then when the other 2 came along there was no difference in how he showed his kids he cared about them. Patrick is incredibly unselfish as a Dad. No matter what, his kids come first. I love that. He loves to play with them and teach them new things, he shows them goodness by the way that he lives, his patience with them is limitless and he brings a quiet peace to our home as the dad. Patrick gives our kids so many opportunities - he takes us on trips so that we can experience other places, we go camping and hiking so that we can enjoy the outdoors. My favorite thing about Patrick not only as a dad, but as a man, is his strong and steadfast character. We are secure with him. I love that even more. Happy Father's Day, my love. You are one in a million. I thank God for you.

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