Monday, June 1, 2009

The magic number

It's Monday, June 1 - the beginning of the month, the beginning of the week, and the beginning of our summer vacation. The kids are SO excited to be on summer break. They are ready to swim and play! We have a guideline in our house that you can't come downstairs (all of the kids' rooms are upstairs) until your clock reads 7:00. We've had this rule for a long time, but I still reminded Maddie and Meredith of it last night before they went to bed. I just know that if I am to have any time to myself it is going to have to be before they get started, and I just can't get up much before 6:00 am - that's only an hour's worth of preparation for the day... some days I need so much more but have to ask the Lord to make the most of that hour. Today, I was up at about 6:10 and I heard Maddie and Meredith (they share a bedroom) talking and giggling and playing. I wonder how many days they will be up so early. They were great though and didn't come downstairs until 7 - the moment their clock showed the magic number. Whew!!! They are both ITCHING to get on with all of the fun they have planned for their summer. I guess it's time for it to begin! Bring on the day - bring on SUMMER!!

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