Thursday, May 28, 2009

Looks like we made it!!

Tomorrow marks the end of another school year. There's just 1/2 of a day left of preschool, second grade, and fourth grade. The girls have had the best time this year. All of them have grown and changed in such positive ways. I am excited about the beginning of the summer. Its going to be wonderful to be with my kids, playing, swimming, taking it easy. Even though I appreciate the routine of school, it will be nice to have a few months of relaxing. The past few days I have sorted clothes, cleaned out the clutter, and used every bin and basket available to me to organize the kids' stuff so we are ready for our summer to start. It's been like being in therapy for a couple of days!!! Organizing and throwing stuff out... AHHHHH... just what I need!!! What would this girl do without Rubbermaid??

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