Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Totally Teriffic Tuesday (a lame title I know but it captures the "essence" of the day)

Today :

  • I spoke about the "mommy adventure" (the theme for MOPS 2008-2009) at a MOPS group
  • I shoveled dirt (will show pictures and share details of dirt later - let's just say that I'm pretty excited about the dirt)
  • I hit a GREAT sale at GAP - I needed some new undies which my son offered to carry for me and then wore them on his head... around the store... and made the sales lady laugh.
  • I did a workout with Jillian (aka devil work out woman)
  • the kiddos watched "Hotel for Dogs" - twice
  • I sat on my newly painted adirondack chair and loved it.
  • I called my sister Lisa 2x in 1 hour - once to brag about my terrific finds at Gap :)
  • I got a hair cut
  • We ate lunch at the park
  • I dug up some grass
  • We surprised our friends with a visit 
  • We ate supper at Subway
  • We listened to Daddy celebrate his "youth" by singing his favorite Journey songs at the top of his lungs.  Yes, the top of his lungs.  There was air guitar too.  And some drums I think.  
 Its been a great Tuesday.  Time to go to bed and get all ready for Patrick's birthday tomorrow.

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