Thursday, May 14, 2009

Comfort "food"

These are things that give me comfort - 

  • a snuggle from Meredith
  • watching the television show "Friends": I've seen every episode 100 times and yet I can barely handle going to bed if I miss the 9:00 repeat every night.
  • my mom's cooking - basic and delicious
  • my Bible that is absolutely falling apart.  I can find things in there that absolutely do not exist in other Bibles. 
  • Maddie's laugh
  • a hug from my Dad
  • my flip flop slippers
  • the smell of coffee
  • my brother Adam's smile
  • a campfire
  • watching the movie "White Christmas"  any time of year
  • talking to my sisters
  • a giant hug from Marky
  • my body pillow
  • an "I love you, Mama" from Michael
  • a sweet email from Patrick
  • iced tea
  • the sound of Al Michael's voice
  • the theme song from M*A*S*H

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