Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dip cone mania

Last night, we took the kids out to Dairy Queen for a special treat.  For the past week, I have limited Maddie's milk intake , trying to figure out some head and stomach issues.  My promise last week to her was that we would give it a week.  She didn't hesitate to remind me yesterday that it had been a week.  She was a pretty good sport considering that ( in her words - with a tinny, whiney tone) "Everything I love has milk in it!  So, our outing last night was partly for her and partly because I just wanted to do something special with everybody. There's nothing like the first DQ dip cone of the season.  Yummmmmmm... the kids all agreed as did half of Fort Collins because the line was out the door!  The temperature has been warm, almost hot, the last couple of days and the city has summer fever.  I love going on little surprise outings with the family; my dad used to surprise us kids from time to time when we were coming home from church or something and he would pull into the Hardees drive thru for cones; when we were really little, we would go to A&W.  I like carrying on his tradition of ice cream surprises with my own family. I'm never disappointed with their reactions with last night being no different.  From the time that I told them that we were going until we actually ordered,the kids were all talking about which flavor of dip cone they were going to get. There was one child, who shall remain nameless, who pulled a "Heather"(only an Oman will get that) and order a shake rather than a dip cone - payback is the pits!!  It was the perfect end to our Wednesday -  a simple way to make the day extra special  and a good reminder that summer is a comin'!!!

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