Friday, May 8, 2009

Church ladies

We were church ladies tonight. The good kind of church ladies, not the fake, haughty, cliche that has caused the over-use of this descriptor. No way! We were just smilewearing, eager to eat good Baptist food, happy to be there church ladies. Our church hosted a mother/daughter dinner this evening, and my girls and I dressed our little selves up and went to the event. I am so glad that we attended, and I'm even more glad to be a part of our church. Being at church tonight, with my kids, friends, familiar faces that I see on Sunday and some I didn't even know at all reminded me of one of the reasons that I go to church. It's the people, and tonight it was specifically the ladies. Nine of my fellow church ladies gave a short testimony that went along with the 9 fruit of the Spirit. Each one of them was prepared, eloquent, practical and genuine. I learned something from all of them; I was blessed by all of them. Present in the room was great music, prizes, laughter, tears, delicious food, great service by the men and so much Christian love that it gave a girl goose bumps. There was a sort of vintage yet modern feel in the place - something for every generation. A special story and gift were given just for the young girls. Throughout the night, God was lifted up and made relevant to every girl there. Personally, I felt like the most blessed mama in the world to be taking my daughters to a mother/daughter dinner. They all 3 exclaimed about how much they enjoyed the night (even though Meredith was bummed that she wasn't going to be eating mac and cheese). There wasn't another place that I would have rather been tonight. What a great start to Mother's Day weekend.

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