Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, last night I went to Target at about 9:00 because I hadn't made it there all day long. Because it is just across the street now (can someone give a CHEER for THAT???) I sort of feel like it is just too easy to put off my shopping until later. Well, last night, we were out of major important things. 1.) Coffee 2.) Toilet paper and 3.)Diet Pepsi. As I enter my favorite store, I am determined to shop like my darling husband and stick to my list... only my list... I bought the coffee, happy that my morning will be better than the 2 previous ones without it. (Can you believe that I went 2 days without getting to the store for such an important item??) Then, I found the TP aisle and bought the softest, largest rolls... that actually were on "sale". Still something like $.80 a roll, but when you like soft, you like soft. The final item on the list was my Diet Pepsi. I love it so. And here's where the sacrifice came in. I bought Diet Dr. Pepper instead. I don't like it that much. I will drink it, but it doesn't have the emotionally soothing power of Diet Pepsi. BUT... it was $2.30 for a 12 pack as opposed to the $4.99 that the Diet Pepsi was!!!!! That's even cheaper than a happy bottom!!! So... now I can say that I have sacrificed because of the recession and that I have paid attention to my spending and that I have sincerely made frugal purchases. Now, we'll see how long it takes me to drink my 12 pack...

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