Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend

We had a very nice Easter celebration. It started out with a cold Saturday morning Easter egg hunt at church. Our church did a wonderful job of putting on an egg hunt. It was very organized and fun for the kids. If it hadn't been so cold, it would have been perfect. Saturday afternoon was spent grocery shopping, shoe shopping and cleaning the house. Patrick and I went out on DATE on Saturday night! It was so much fun to be together. Our sweet babysitter Sarah and her brother Seth took the kids roller skating while we were gone. How fun is that??!! I don't think the kids even cared that we were home when we arrived because they were having so much fun. The second that Seth walked in, Michael asked him to go upstairs and play cars. Seth is about 12 I think, and so sweet to play with Michael. Sunday morning, I had to be at church pretty early to practice the music for the services. Everyone's clothes were laid out so the kids could get ready easily at home without me. The Easter bunny came... (on a side note, we have seen many bunnies in the back yard nourishing our sweet foxes. It is sort of a strange thing to watch a little bunny get torn to shreds in front of your eyes. Mmmmm....) Back to the story... Church was a wonderful time; it was so nice to have all of us together. I don't think Michael has ever looked cuter than when I saw him the first time in his tractor vest. Because Daddy got him ready, I didn't have to listen to the protests to "cute clothes" that morning when he had to get dressed. I can imagine it though. After church, we had a wonderful lunch with our friends the Sealanders as well as my parents. It was a great time of celebrating and fellowshipping. Great food, good conversation and happy kids. What more could a mama ask for? It was a very nice Easter and the entire day my heart was so thankful for all that God has done for me. I am so blessed.

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