Thursday, April 23, 2009


Meredith is taking a Kindermusik class, and the theme of her class is "Cities".  Each week she has a project that she is to complete that has to do with "Cities".  This week she was supposed to build a place that she regularly goes to.  All of the kiddos will put their places together, forming a city. So, she decided to make her preschool  -  "Little Lambs Preschool".  She was so excited to use her artistic skills.  Projects like this are right up Meredith's alley. She has the enthusiasm of 20 kids when it comes to something like this. All I did was provide her with the shoe box and she did the rest.  Because her preschool class is really small (4 girls total and her teacher) there are even "people" in her school shoe box. She was oozing with creativity and practically glowing with pride.  It will be fun to see her present it to Miss Susan tomorrow.  

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