Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, Monday

I've been singing that song in my head all day long, the one by "The Mamas and the Papas". I don't know why, except for that today is really Monday. And it has been a Monday. Not a bad day in any sense, just a day that was hard to get going and keep the enregy up for the whole day. Patrick did indeed catch the nasty flu that we've all had. He has been so sick all weekend long. I've tried to keep us all out of his way so that he could rest. I'm so sad for all of us that we've been so ill. I feel like time has passed us by while we've been at home getting better. For now, I think most of us are feeling better. Everyone has been sort of "snarky" and "snippy" with each other which I hear sometimes mean that kids are feeling better; someone even told me today that I was "owly". Had a scowl on my face... I didn't intend to be that way, but I guess that must have been how I was feeling. I guess I was just feeling tired. Hopefully a few more good nights sleep will help the whole household get back to feeling normal. Despite Patrick getting sick, we had a great weekend. Lots of friend time for the kids and me, church, lunch at my mom and dads house, reading a good book, rearranged furniture. All pieces to a great weekend. I moved the piano into the family room and moved a couch into the front room. I like it SO much! The family room is much too small for 2 couches, but I just couldn't give them up so one night when I wasn't sleeping I thought up this idea and it worked!! Rearranging furniture is the best way for me to get a new, refreshed perspective in the house. It doesn't cost anything, you get stuff cleaned up, you declutter, and it all feels like new!!! I still have some cleaning that I need in the few rooms I rearranged, but since my book is so good that may not get done for a day or two. Meredith went back to school today after nearly 2 weeks off; she was so excited to see her friends and her teacher, who got married 2 weekends ago and has a new name. Marky and Maddie both brought home amazing report cards today. Straight A's for Marky and since Maddie doesn't use letter grades yet, her marks were all Satisfactory. We are so proud of both of them. All 3 of the kids love school and demonstrate that in such different ways. Marky in how conscientious she in in her school work, Maddie in how enthusiastic she is about her friends and her kindness towards others, Meredith in her excitement to learn new things. So, that's what's happening around here. And I guess I'm happy to say that I'm glad Monday is almost behind us. Now, off to try to finish my book - it's SO great!!!

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