Monday, March 30, 2009

The Adventures of Tilly

Tilly is the mama fox that is currently residing in our backyard with her fox pups. This is what we have found out about "Mr Fox". It is a Mrs., not a Mr. She is a mama which is why she looks very bedraggled, yet very fierce. She has made a nest under our deck. She is a smart fox, having built the nest in a very protected, warm (up next to the house) spot. So far we have only seen one baby fox - the pup is very dark, small and sort of looks like a kitten. Really cute. Marky was the one who said that we needed to name Mrs. Fox. Tilly is the name bestowed on her. I can't remember what Marky named the babies. Tilly is a very protective mama; as we have observed her, she has a pattern of scoping out the perimeter around where the nest is built before she lets the pup out. She makes a large circle and then sits in the yard where the pup comes out to her and snuggles up next to her. She is very interesting to watch, now that I know what she is doing. I'm no longer freaked out about her presence, now I'm more intrigued. Animal Control assured us that when the pup(s) get big enough she will move them and we won't see her anymore. I wonder when that will be!! I will be sure to keep you updated on her (our!) adventures!

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