Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The kids were playing in the living room, and "Mama Mia" was on the CD player.  I hear these words... "Let's swing him!".  My instincts kick in as I remember a similar incident, baked into my childhood memory bank, of my older sister and I getting the BRIGHT idea of swinging our younger sister, with un-supervised eyes upon us, boldly waving our older sister flags... The result.... DISASTER!!!!  So, I said to the girls," NO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They have no idea the history behind my pleas.  Years ago, my older sister Lisa and I were left in "charge" of the house.  Really, Lisa was in charge, I was just the younger side-kick, so for the record, it was all her fault..  We got it into our heads to SWING!, yes SWING! our little sister  by her arms.  WHAT POSSESSED us THIS IDEA!!!!!  Were we CRAZY?  Well... it ended up crazy , that's for sure.  Renee, aka little sister, ended up flying her little self into the coffee table knowcking out a few teeth, BLEEDING ALL OVER, and causing the most amount of sister guilt that ever could be produced.  That little sister ended up going to the hospital for stitches, and these 2 big sisters would forever be scarred by their "very poor choice". Of course, in my mind it's always been ALL Lisa's fault. Because of course, she was the one in charge :).  So when I heard MY kids come up with this CRAZY scenario this evening I promptly, and of course CALMLY screamed "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Trouble averted!!  :)  They listened to their poor mom's cries.  At least for now.... :) 

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