Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

  • I love that my painting project of my bathroom cupboards is going so well!
  • I was so excited that Michael was pooping in the potty... until he didn't :(
  • Why doesn't she like me?
  • I miss Patrick. 
  • I'm so thankful for wonderful babysitters.
  • My heart hurts when my friend is hurting.
  • I loved kissing my kids today.
  • I hated spanking 2 of my kids today - but then loved kissing them again.
  • Drinking good wine (bought with the cash in my pocket!) with my friends and having great conversation tonight was so fulfilling.  I feel blessed because of them.
  • When will it get easier?
  • I'm so excited to see tulip tips peaking up from the ground!
  • I was very disappointed in the mail today.
  • Going to Bible study today was very enjoyable - I am loving studying the book of Esther so much. 
  • I wish that I could have talked to my sisters today.
  • I'm afraid of what might happen if my kitchen floor gets any stickier.
  • I'm happy that tomorrow is another day, with no mistakes in it yet, and mercy from my God that flows and flows.  I love you, Lord.

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