Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hard to believe!'s official.  Michael has waved goodbye to babyhood.  He has stared the challenge of potty training in the face and has emerged triumphant!!! This weekend has produced both potty and poopy victories.   I am SO proud of my little guy.   This has been a difficult and tiring few weeks,  but we have prevailed and big-boy underwear is our reward!!!  He has mastered the potty and in his own words "diapers are for babies!".  Tomorrow I am going to take a bag with the last few diapers that reside here at our house to a friend at church. There will be NO MORE diapers here at the Henricks' house.  It is really difficult for me to believe that I am finished with diapers. ( at least until I have grandkids. ) What will I do with this skill of mine? You see,  I am an expert at this very thing, diaper changing.  Over the years, I have perfected my speed and technique to such degrees that I DARE SAY I might be able to win an award - if only there were a contest for me to enter.  I have spent so much time changing diapers, so much money buying diapers; it is a strange finish line to cross plagued with many feelings - relief and sadness, joy and disbelief.  It's all there, and because I am a mother, I know that this will not be the last time that a final step produces both sides of the emotional coin.  I just wonder when the next time will be!

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