Saturday, January 24, 2009

There's no place like home.

This afternoon, we went to the park downtown near the library. (I also went to the library - one of my favorite places!) We thought we were going to have a picnic, but the weather was jut a little bit too cold. Instead, we ate our lunch in the van. One of my favorite houses in Ft. Collins is down near the library, and it is for sale. It's been for sale for a while, but today they were having an open house!! Lucky me!!! So, I decided to be a lookie-loo, and took my little self over to the house. I've always wanted to go inside this house. It is all of my favorite things - old, quaint, unique, situated in one of the best parts of town. I went inside and enjoyed looking through the house, but was struck by all of the things it was NOT - things that are favorite parts of my very OWN house. All of the sudden I realized that maybe my favorite house in Ft. Collins might just be OUR house!!! Yes, the house was cool because it was about 75 years old, but it didn't have NEARLY the uniqueness of Michael's trucks lined up in rows all over the upstairs hallways, or my favorite colors on the wall, or multitudes of drawings by our kids hanging on many doors, or Patrick's quaint gardens outside, or the multiple combinations of storage solutions containing shoes, backpacks, coats, library books, occupying any and all available space in our home. What makes OUR house unique and special is US - the family of 6 that lives here and the memories and laughter that we have and will have. I found myself blanketed with contentment as we drove away from my lookie-loo experience. I am thrilled that I got to go inside this house and appreciate it's beauty, but I was more thrilled to walk into my own home and recognize how much I have within the walls here.


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