Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy kids, Happy mom!

Last night, I tried to do a few (unexpected ) things that would keep the kids happy which in turn keeps me happy too! I find that this helps with the "missing Daddy" that we all experience when Patrick is traveling. Really, it just helps if we are all distracted so that we forget that he's gone. When he is gone, his absence is certainly noticed all day long, but it seems especially apparent in the evenings. I am very thankful for Patrick's job on many levels. It provides for us, he enjoys it, he now has an office in Ft. Collins, he works with great people. But, he is gone a lot. I think that the kids and I do a very good job at surviving, and even at times thriving, while Daddy is gone. However, the trip that he is gone on this week has seemed longer than the last few, so I've had to tap into the "extra creative mama" that resides within me. Last night, we had a special kid friendly supper (shells and cheese, chicken nuggets, green beans), we made a chocolate pudding pie, we watched American Idol, and we read our book together. We had such a fun night together. There really wasn't anywhere else I would have rather been! Maddie got to stay up a little longer than everyone else as a reward for some good behavior earlier in the week, and she enjoyed that a lot! I am SO grateful for my kiddos and their great attitudes and good behavior. They make life in our house very fun - it's so awesome being the mom to such amazing kiddos. Daddy is coming home Friday, and we will all be very happy to see him come through the door.

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