Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Passport to... nowhere...at least for right now.

I got my passport in the mail yesterday! It was so important looking, and I feel so very much like a grownup! I felt like I was "approved" by some very official power. I wanted to start singing "Oh say can you see..." or "I'm proud to be an American". I can travel out of the USofA now... at least that was the reason that I got the passport to begin with. About a month ago, there was talk around our house of Mommy and Daddy going to Mexico at the end of January; Daddy for a conference, Mommy for, well, not a conference. I made a BEELINE to the post office for my passport. They've probably never seen anyone so desperate for one. The photo in my passport reveals someone who is tired and needs a vacation (and a haircut!). A few days ago, however, we found out that we are NOT going to Mexico. We are not going anywhere, as of right now. I am really disappointed, but will just wait and pray for God's better plan, which will be better than Mexico, I am sure. I was listening to the song "Blessed Be Your Name", and I was singing along to the words that say "You give and take away, my heart will choose to say, Lord, blessed be your name." I want that to be more than just a catchy tune with words I just sing along with. I want it to be the attitude of my heart, thankful and expectant for whatever God's blessing for us would be, rather than pouting about the blessing that I thought we should have. But for now... I will just stay home.

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