Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hope and Perfection

We have had a very nice week. It has been filled with pretty ordinary events - laundry, Daddy travel, homework, playing, cleaning, playing, going to the library and the gym, taking a few naps, school, show and tell, play dates with friends, and many more things that make our little Henricks' world go 'round. We have had really amazing weather the past 2 days, and I think it is supposed to continue into the weekend. I definitely got a case of spring fever yesterday and even bought a few primrose flowers to put inside to celebrate. They are beautiful and remind me that even though we aren't in spring yet (reality check!) it IS coming! Sometimes all I need is a little bit of HOPE to keep going. We started our weekend last night with a fun family night. I made upside down pizza for dinner, a recipe that my sister Lisa recommended - YUMMY! We also had brownies with M&Ms (in honor of all our M's.) for dessert. Then Daddy made a campfire outside in our fireplace and we enjoyed that for a little bit. Meredith was so enthusiastic - she kept saying "It's like we're camping!" We came in when mommy couldn't take the smoke and chill anymore - what a party pooper! The kids and I have been reading the book "The Indian in the Cupboard" out loud together. It is such a great book, and we are all enjoying it. We read that for a little bit, got our jammies on and finished our night watching an old movie, "Herbie goes to Monte Carlo." It was a PERFECT Friday night.

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