Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We have a houseful of people, and we are having a wonderful time!  So far we haven't run out of hot water, so that's good!!  The kids have played in the "snow" and have had friendly competition on the Wii.  Some adults have played the Wii as well.  Last night, my sister-in-law Bunny cooked us an amazing dinner.  My house hasn't ever smelled so great.  The food was wonderful and it was really fun to visit with Patrick's family.  The kids keep counting gifts that are under the tree; I even found Trase making piles with the gifts.  Someone is making breakfast as I type - the pancakes smell yummier than ever probably because I am not making them.  We have a fun day of family planned ending at my mom's house for her traditional Christmas Eve buffet for dinner.  Merry Christmas Eve to all!!

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