Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sunday night celebration

The final celebration of Marky's birthday weekend was Sunday night. We had supper at Grandma and Poppop Oman's house. Marky had requested to have tacos and brownies to eat - Grandma makes very yummy tacos, and the brownies were even yummier! Both Marky AND Maddie were blessed with gifts Sunday night. They BOTH got new laptop computers!!! OH MY GOODNESS! Marky was surprised, but I think Maddie was even MORE surprised. Maddie was feeling SO rotten, but this gift certainly perked her up. Marky also opened amazing gifts from Aunt Lisa and Aunt Renee on Sunday night - She certainly was showered with love by everyone. The girls have been on their new computers ever since Sunday evening. The really special think is that Maddie has had Meredith sitting right next to her the whole time because Maddie has been home from school for 2 days. Maddie has been really gracious to let Meredith watch her play on her computer and share her new present with her little sister. This night was certainly the icing on the birthday cake!!!

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  1. happy birthday, marky! what a memorable 10th birthday!