Friday, September 19, 2008


I am happy that it is Friday. It is also my sister Renee's birthday. Happy Birthday, dearest Renee!!

This weekend we are traveling up to Sidney, Nebraska to attend and be a part of Patrick's cousin Eric's wedding. Michael is the ringbearer and Patrick is an usher. This is a first for me to have any of the kids be involved in the wedding party. I know a little bit about what to expect with Michael. Let's be realistic - he's 2 1/2, uncooperative and his favorite phrases at the moment are "I don't want to" and " You're not the boss of me" and "NO". Yesterday he came up with a new one - "Mama, you're making me angwy". On the flip side, he can be very sweet and loving and his smile will melt your heart. I really hope that this is the little guy that shows up at the wedding. Either way, I am going to try to go with the flow. (not my best characteristic...) He has a little tuxedo including shiny black shoes that is the most adorable thing ever. Meredith has a new black and white dress that she has been DYING to wear. Truly, I can't wait to see them together all dressed up. Marky and Maddie aren't going to be able to attend the wedding with us. They have some other fun weekend plans, and we just weren't able to work it out. It will be fun to share our pictures and tell them all about the wedding experience when we reunite on Sunday afternoon.

So Friday it is... I have MUCH packing to do, so I better say goodbye. I will have pictures of and tales to tell about my ring-bearing son when I return!

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