Thursday, April 30, 2015

Confessions of a Soccer Mom

Hi.  My name is Heather and I'm a soccer mom.  (I'm also a dance mom, a school mom, a field trip mom... I could go on and on...) 

My son has been playing soccer for about 3 years.  In that short time, I have gathered some thoughts about this game of soccer, my player-son, and myself.  Even though I have very little experience in this role of soccer mom, I feel as if I'm sort of qualified.  Mostly because I have a Team Snap App on my phone, and I have a minivan full of sideline chairs, water bottles, sunscreen and an emergency umbrella. 

Here are my confessions:

1.  There is no difference between competitive teams and non-competitive teams.  It's ALL competitive, every time, every game, every mom, every dad, every player, every coach.  If what you're watching isn't competitive then you must have made a wrong turn at the museum.

2.  Everybody is keeping score.  Even when they say there isn't a score because the boys are too young, and it's only about having fun.  Let me tell you people... NOBODY is having FUN if they are losing.  And EVERYBODY knows who is losing!!!  

3.  Your kid's newly washed uniform will have grass stains on it by the first play.  And the white shirt and shorts that somebody thought was a good idea for your 9 year old BOY will be stained and look grey for the rest of the season.  Nuttin' you can do about it.

4.  If I do not pray before every game, I am doomed. A girl who looks an awful lot like me will be impatient and irritated when the game doesn't look like she thinks it should. I knew that inside of me was a fiercely competitive  person, but I thought that was only when I was playing Scrabble.  Nuh-huh!!!  Oh dear!  Because Michael (player-son) has asked me to not yell his name from the sidelines, I restrain myself (most games).  But boy, it's hard!  It takes supernatural power to make sure that I am affirming and encouraging... even when we are losing or playing poorly. Great character is being built up in myself as I practice self-control, patience, and  unconditional love.  Who would have guessed that the greatest place I would need the Lord's presence is on a grassy field every Saturday afternoon??!

5.  We will be late for game warm-ups.  No matter how hard we try, no matter how early we leave... We will be driving like maniacs and spitting words out like "we should left when I told you" at each other.

6.   No matter how much I like you, if you mess with (harm, criticize, yell at) my son, I will come after you.  I know that I look sweet and gentle, however... The feelings that rise up inside of me when Michael is wronged are CRRRRRAAAAZY!!!

7.  I am proud of my sweet player-son every single time he touches the ball.  I'm so proud of this shy boy to have the strength to go out in front of fans, I love watching his determination, it THRILLS me to watch him cheer on and encourage his teammates.  One game he went over to his best bud and patted him on the back for a great kick -  I had goosebumps all over!!

8.  A good coach makes all the difference.  Our coach gets my player-son to run, to wear sunscreen, to pick up after himself, to give it his all, to respect and honor everyone on the field, to WEAR WHAT HE WANTS HIM TO, to bring specific things to practice.  We are so grateful for the character that is being established in Michael through soccer and our present coach.

9.  You will bring a chair to sit in and watch the game and chances are you won't sit in it.  Either because someone (daughters...) take it from you, or you are just way to into the game to sit down.

10. NOTHING has been more fun than having Michael play soccer.  I love it.  I love every practice that I get to drive him and his buddies to, I love every time I get to wash his uniform, I love packing his snacks and finding him cool cleats and listening to the soccer ball roll around on our hard floors.  I love watching his skills and abilities develop.  I love the friends that we've made through soccer and the high fives that our family makes over great plays.  I love it that Michael's grandpa comes to his games and that his sisters enjoy his games.  My greatest confession of all is that I FEEL SO BLESSED TO BE A SOCCER MOM!!  Go team Henricks!!!

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